What New Features Does Windows 10 Bring Along With It?

Microsoft is always dedicated to fixing loads of compatibility problems with its imminent Windows 10 OS. It looks and functions the same on all your devices. It saves your files in a secure spot on the web where you can access them from almost every digital device. The gist of Windows 10 is to unify as a huge computing life rendering it easy to seek and edit your information.

  1. It runs on phones, tablets and PC.

It tends to place the same menus on tablets, phones and PCs. It adjusts itself automatically to fit no matter the size of screen you are facing. For instance, on a desktop PC, the Start menu stays in the low side of the desktop, left corner, where you can easily access it with a mouse click. When you have smartphones and tablets having smaller screen, the Start menu tends to fill the screen with huge buttons that render the computing more finger friendly. If your tablet can be turned into a desktop PC, then the new Continuum feature of Windows 10 makes the switch from the finger controlled Tablet mode to the mouse and keyboard controlled desktop mode. Then, unplug your mouse or keyboard, then you have the Tablet Mode and it becomes a finger friendly computing device again. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Visit our website to buy windows 10 pro key now!

  1. You can access your files and programs on your Android and Apple devices

Windows 10 also tends to make the best of your Android phone, iPhone or iPad. They cannot operate on Windows 10, but they can run the free versions of Microsoft’s famous popular Office software. It has also released a free version of OneDrive and its Cloud storage service that makes the file editing easier for you. In other words, the gist is to make the files as well as the Office software on your devices easily accessible.

  1. The comeback of the Start Menu

Windows 10 has also fixed an issue that was prevalent in Windows 8 and 8.1. The Start and Menu buttons have made a comeback on the bottom lower corner, like it has always been in the first place. You just have to click on the Start button like you always used to, and then the Start menu appears, letting you launch your desired app or program with just a click.

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