The Most Important Elements Every Company Website Must Have

Generally speaking, every business website should tell your audience two things: what they should know in order to make an intelligent and an informed financial decision when it comes to purchasing your products and what you want to convey to them. You can either go DIY or hire a professional from this website design company guide. A website can have any number of pages, but we have listed some major ones.

  1. Homepage

As there are many varieties of homepage approaches and designs, there are three things every company homepage must convey to your audience: who you are, what you do and why the customer should be interested in you.

  1. Testimonials, client lists and case studies

When in the B2B business, your audience wants to know what companies you have served. List your clients in a chronological order, industry, or other niches on a page titled Clients. Testimonials is a list of praise received by the clients you have worked with in the past. Case studies are the delineated success stories of how you managed to change someone’s life or make someone’s life convenient.

  1. Products and services

Every product and service you sell should have separate pages to delineate it. On the basis of what you sell, always include the description of the product with name and model number, product’s photo, what it is, benefits, colors, ingredients or construction materials, options offered, accessories, sizes, product description etc. and of course, a button which would help the customer to buy your product.

  1. How we work

This page will delineate the work process to your audience, for manufactured product, the QC procedures and certifications are the components of a methodology page. It tells the audients about how you do what you do, reducing the need to repeat to the prospect about your methods which is complicated.

  1. About us

This page is the profile of your company. It is essential because the audience wants to know about your product as well as from whom they are buying it. Image and experiences are important. You want to tell them how long your company has been in business, the satisfactory level of your clients, service centers if any. The idea is to convey that your company is innovative, service oriented delivered with quality, experienced and well-established.

  1. FAQ

It contains the FAQ about your products and objections. It clarifies any confusions and misunderstanding your customers have or reemphasize the advantages already stated elsewhere on your site.

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