Embrace the Power of Technology in Due Time!

Technology has been disrupting a lot of markets shifting their core, services and structures. Today the regulatory frameworks for most businesses focus on advanced business models, use of software, financial services and so on.

In this ever changing era if there is one thing constant – its innovation!

Future holds increased value of customers, technology and financial services. And in aid to cater to all of them there are in emerging section of SME and MSME which are chasing market like never before. Embracing 2019 is more about embarking on a new journey of futuristic views much like one talked by Nadeem Shaikh, the pioneer in futuristic business emergence!

Digital is the new normal!

Decades ago businesses started venturing out to e-commerce platforms. Today the ‘e’ has been removed as digital has become the normal online commerce platform. Today the digital agenda has expanded multiple-fold making it crucial for the businesses to reach the crowd on the internet. With billions of people still due to experience internet and banking systems – digital is indeed going to be the most emerging sectors of the recent era!

Customer Intelligence is the key!

If we follow the words of Nadeem Shaikh, Diversity is the heart of what we do, one thing’s clear that this diversity needs to be catered in terms of gender, geography and preferences to create a market. Several companies are chasing customer choices to develop better services. While traditionally it was the survey forms today the activities are recorded on the internet to study customer behavior, preferences etc. Customer service merges with artificial intelligence to create a platform where companies are able to serve their best to the market they are chasing!

Blockchain will emerge stronger

Blockchain has been an underlying power kept at rest since a long time now. But the time has come where this powerful tool will brings its most impact. Blockchain is known to become an integral part of financial institutions to deliver the best of their services and craft operational infrastructure. With the growing statistics of information, the relevance of blockchain ledger just keeps on increasing.

Mobile technology to rule!

Mobile phones have become the most powerful tool in the hands of common people. With ability to run a business the technology indeed is going to delve more power to this little piece of innovation. UPI based payment systems, simple loan processes, renting out taxis and access to information are all introduced already. There are more revolutionary services in line with upcoming innovations!

With technology in hand the coming era is soon to experience the best of finance, business and intelligence!

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