Businesses Must Pay Heed to these SEO Practices

The Internet might be operable worldwide, however, if you have a local business, there is no sense on focusing on a global reach when your customers reside in your own city or in your neighbourhood. When it comes to local businesses, attaining global reach is a wastage. Rather than this, you should focus on the local reach. Here are some tips suggested by digital marketing Singapore.

  1. Put your location in your keywords

The first step is using your location in the keywords. For instance, if you are in Singapore and you provide SEO services, your target keyword should be ‘SEO Singapore as this contains your business as well as your location for the people who are looking for SEO services in Singapore.

  1. Put your location in the meta tags as well

Meta tags are important for search engines and you must not forget to put your location in it as well. Yes, you must put your location in the target keywords you will use in the body text or else it will sound a tad bit suspicious when your body text has no location in the keywords, but your tags bear it.

  1. Put location in the body text also

This step is also important to pay heed to and you must not forget to implement this. If your web copy is optimized for ‘SEO’ only, it will not rank well with ‘SEO Singapore’, so ensure that you put the location in the keywords as well.

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