4 Web Designs that are Compatible with Every Digital Device

Following are the types of web designs that work well with every kind of digital device.

  1. Device agnostic web

A device agnostic strategy entails endless combinations of screen resolution, browser capability, input method and connection speed. So, rather than designing a site that is responsive to every screen size, device agnostic web design in Singapore is not dependent on learning what device the content is being displayed on by any means.

  1. Responsive web design

In responsive web designs, the sites are optimized in such a way that they are optimized for screens of all sizes, no matter if they are small mobiles, tablets, or huge monitors. Nowadays, this design declines the standalone mobile optimized size and apps.

  1. Flat design

Flat design works on any and every device. It is a style that never uses the 3d elements; it excludes bevel, shadows or gradients as well. As the name suggests, the look is flat. The logic is that it saves time when developing and design is created only once and looks amazing on all screens.

  1. Scalable web design

Scalable web design is a means by which the content displayed on the screen of the device has low and high pixel densities. Scalable vector graphics are ideal in all environments as well as it works well with slower internet connections too.

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